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Easter Monday

Easter Monday
Easter Monday

Easter Monday

Today is Easier Monday, not in Buddhist Thailand, but there is still something going on and there seems to be every year at Easter. I suspect that it is because Easter is a moveable feast which has something to do with the full moon, and Buddhists celebrate every full moon.
However, I can’t find anyone who can tell me why there was lots of music in the village on Friday, lots of parties on Saturday, dozens of gunshots on Sunday, and music again today.
Not even my Thai wife can tell me, which is why falang husbands tend to ask one and then live in ignorance.
It is easier and doesn’t really matter.

It was 46c today, which is the hottest temperature I have ever experienced anywhere. It was so hot, that the birds that sang in our garden, did so from the shade of our outside kitchen and the dog didn’t bother barking at passers-by. Last year, my wife bought me an industrial fan, and I have never used it on settings two or three, but last night, I slid off my damp bed to put it on number two, fearful that it might take off and crash into the ceiling.
The three items of clothing I’m wearing now are all wringing wet, but not in a nice way as if it had just rained.

After a slow start, I am getting on well with Tiger Lily 2. I am averaging 2,500 words a day, which is the minimum I feel comfortable with, but since I need to do a lot of research on this one, it is a respectable amount. I am about a quarter through the story on the first time round. If I’m lucky, I may get it on the virtual shelves by the end of the month, but it will be a struggle with seven days of Songkhran (The New Year) starting on the thirteenth.
Fingers crossed.

All the best.


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