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Good Friday

Good Friday
Good Friday

Good Friday – Diary 3-4-15

It’s Good Friday, although you wouldn’t know it in Thailand. At least, not in the countryside where I live, but I suspect it’s the same in all but the tourist cities of the south, and possibly not even there. I can’t remember since it has been ten years since I lived in Pattaya.

Of course, Thailand is Buddhist, so why should they celebrate Good Friday? But interestingly, they had a Holy Day last Friday that was just called ‘Good’.

After a sluggish start to Tiger Lily of Bangkok 2 on April Fools’ Day, I am doing a little better now. Including the duff start, I am now averaging 1,900 words a day. This is all right, but I would be happier with 2,500-3,000. It’s not a race though and the only deadline is of my own making.

The story is going well. I sometimes wonder what I’m going to write in the next chapter and I find that worrying, in some stories, but I am not there yet with Lily2.

The elections in the UK and the associated campaigns are passing us by like Easter in Thailand. I should imagine that most expats and holiday-makers think that that is just the way they like it. From what I hear and read, the only people interested in the future of politicians is the politicians themselves.

People can’t see a fag paper’s gap between the top two, and don’t trust any of them from whatever party they belong to. The stupid bastards got themselves good jobs and then abused the trust we put in them. Now it’s just one more scandal after the next.

What will follow organised ruling class paedophilia? Nepotism at the BBC, the old boys’ network in Quangos?
Take your pick, there are a few they haven’t been caught out on yet ;-(

I’m betting on the BBC. The people who got in there early have been getting their kids easy jobs for decades. It’s like the rich kids’ dole money, like legal aid was free money for bad lawyers. The only problem with that is they scrapped it, but now the poor don’t have any representation at all.

Still, that ensures that the rich win again, doesn’t it?



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