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The Disallowed - The Humorous Tale of a Contemporary Vampire Family

The Disallowed – A Thai Story

The Disallowed
The Disallowed

The Disallowed

Hi ,

Owen here, I hope you are well and that you had a lovely Christmas.
Best wishes for 2014 from my wife, Neem, and myself.

This post is to inform you that my next book ‘The Disallowed’ is coming on well.

In some regards, anyway.

I’ll give you some background first.

In early December, my wife told me hat a friend of ours had been in hospital for a few days because his kidneys had stopped working. He had just come out, but his wife was worried because he was in pain and may need dyalisis for life.

She confided to my wife that they were worried that he may develop a craving for blood as his was no good.

Jokingly, I said, ‘What she thinks he may become a vampire?”

Neem smiled, ‘Who knows?’

This story is about a poor goatherd who lives in the remote north of Thailand. He is far frm any hospital that can help him so he turns to the local shaman. The solution they come up with is disallowed but it seems to work for him.

I intended “The Disallowed” to be about a man from Laos for fear of upseting Thais, but several Thais have asked me to write it about a Thai man instead, so I will alter that in the redraft/editing later.

The downside is that I wanted to make it a comedy, but that is harder than I thought, so I will leave that to you to tell me whether it is at all funny.

I will have written almost 90% of the book ‘The Disallowed’ by the time you read this, but if you want to read the first two chapters before I change them from Laos to Thailand, please go to the following link (it is free) and LIKE the page before you leave 🙂

All the best,

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