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Christmas 2015 in a Thai Village

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This is becoming monotonous, sorry. It’s been a week now… up and down more often than knickers in a city’s public toilets. I’m sick to death of the crappy Internet ‘Service’ in this village. I don’t want to take part in village life here any longer.

I mean that, nobody complains about anything, everything is fine. People are conditioned to accept whatever crap comes their way because: either it is their Karma, or ‘they are doing their best’.

Well, I have news for them: their best is not good enough! What really annoys me though is that there is never a warning of a cessation of service, or an apology or a refund. They keep deducting money from your account and make silly excuses when you phone up, if they answer the phone at all.

I have lived in this village for ten years and I have been very happy here, but this last three months EVERYTHING is getting on my tits.

I’m afraid I can’t live like this any longer, it is injurious to my health. I don’t want to be angry all the time, it is not in my nature… I am basically a happy, optimistic man.

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So, where now that my Idyll of village life has been shattered?

I don’t know, is the very short term answer. I just tried to talk to my wife about it, but she was ‘not in the mood’ to put it mildly. She told me to sod off and stop complaining because there was nothing she could do about my plight, which is true.

A little bit of sympathy would have helped though.

So, I am writing this in a shop as far away as I could walk from her, and know that I could walk back home.

It is all very distressing, but understandable (in respect of my wife). So, I am here unhappy and she is there unhappy and ne’re the twain shall meet.

Sad, isn’t it?

It isn’t her fault that I am cheesed off with village life, I know that, but she is the only person I have to moan to.

I suppose that that is not fair either… 🙁

However, after burning all my life’s savings and the money from the sale of my apartment, I think that I have earned the right to some sympathy.

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