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Megan Faces Derision

Trouble At T’ Mill

Trouble At T'Mill
Megan Faces Derision

Trouble At T’ Mill?

Trouble at t’ mill?

You can say that again. We’ve got another two to four days of being without mains water. My wife only recently paid for a new crop of chilli peppers and spent a week planting them out, and the young seedlings need a regular and plentiful supply of water, otherwise, in this heat, 35c, they will wither and die within 24hrs.

At the moment she’s taking water by the bucketful from a stream a hundred yards away, but so are lots of others and the water level is falling fast. It rained a little today, but not enough. I collected two buckets of water from our house roof, but at least that’ll keep the toilet clean.

The two Germans staying in the village are going back home tomorrow. I haven’t seen them for a few days, I heard that the father was sick. I hope it wasn’t a result of the lack of water. I imagine he’ll be glad to get home if it is.

Sales in mid-July are still spectacularly lacklustre. This is the middle of the holiday season, and so traditionally the time when more books are sold to read on the beaches and in the back gardens of the world. I personally sold more every month of the year 2015 so far than I am predicting for July, if it carries on like this.

Where did that phrase ‘Trouble at t’ mill?’ come from? I remember the first time I heard it was on in a Monty Python’s sketch on TV in the Seventies. It was about a family which owned a cotton mill in north England, I think. I loved Monty Python’s in those days, but I can still watch them, they haven’t dated too badly, not like many of the others, although Dads’ Army and Steptoe are still brilliant too.

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