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Three Lions Fuengirola

The Three Lions – Fuengirola

Three Lions - Fuengirola
Three Lions – Fuengirola

The Three Lions – Fuengirola

The Three Lions is fairly large pub in Reyes Catolicos, a street in north Fuengirola about fifty metres from the beach. It is not far from Los Boliches and easy to find on the Internet, which will give you more precise directions on how to get to it.

The Three Lions is owned and run by two British brothers, Luke and Nick, who, if not behind the bar, are usually to be found on the small square outside, which they share with the restaurant next door ‘Just Ribs’.

This is handy, because although the Three Lions is a well-stocked bar, they are not able to provide much in the way of food yet. Their temporary solution is to allow their clientele to order something to eat from next door, or the pizzeria or chip shop near-by, which will deliver.

Nick and Luke are also in negotiation with Neem of Thai Catering Services to provide authentic Thai food (see her details elsewhere on this blog or her page on Facebook). I will keep you informed about how that pans out.

The Three Lions is basically a sports bar, but it is not obtrusively so. Not being particularly sports-orientated myself, I would call it a music bar, because, despite the three large flat-screen TV’s showing sport, the two pool tables and the dartboard, and the competitions and leagues they are in, the two brothers can answer any question on music you care to fire at them. Their knowledge on the subject is quite impressive!

The clientele is mixed. People of all ages and both sexes go there, both expats and holidaymakers. Their nationalities are also varied, with British and Scandinavians making up the majority, followed by Spaniards and Moroccans. Being situated so close to the sea, many customers often take a break from the bar to go for a dip in the water, and many sunbathers pop in for refreshments. This means that casual is the dress mode at all times 🙂

The Three Lions is not open all day, but usually is from about five till twelve or one, when you will find young and old wandering in and out or enjoying a game of pool, which many of them take pretty seriously.

Why not pop along and join in the fun one evening, I am sure you wont regret it. Say, you read about them on my blog for an extra warm welcome, and if I hear you say that, I will say ‘Hello’ as well 🙂

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