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The Solution

The Solution
The Solution

The Solution

As my regular readers will know, life has been pretty frustrating for me for the last couple of days, but last night the thought occurred to me that the reason why Amazon and Facebook might be behaving oddly was the image driver because they are heavy users of images. So, I told my browser to check the Flash app and it was number thirteen; the latest is nineteen. It took two hours to download the update, the solution was that simple.

However, the solution was simple, but why did it take so long to fix? There must have been tens of millions of us with the same problem, because a Flash update usually takes ten seconds, not two hours. How did we get to the state where one company, like Adobe, can ruin the Internet experience of so many people?

My personal solution was to get out of the clutches of the idiots that allowed that to happen. I remember reading a few years ago, that Apple had dumped Adobe. Was this why? Had they foreseen that that problem could happen?

So, I looked at the price of an Apple Mac, an Apple Air, and was surprised at the cost. $1,000 for an eleven-inch screen and $3,000 for a fifteen-inch. $3k is 90,000 Baht, but a fifteen-inch PC is only 20,000 Baht. It is hard to justify the expense, but I would dearly love to escape Microsoft and Adobe’s stranglehold on me, to say nothing of Windows 10, which I dislike too.

All five of the current volumes of Behind The Smile and their new covers are now live on Amazon, so anyone who wants to own the very first set of them should buy now, as they have only been on sale for a few hours.

On a completely different tack, as I was walking here today, I had the strange sensation that I was a lot shorter than usual. I am six feet tall and weigh 120 kilos, and have always felt big, but earlier I felt a foot or more shorter. Does anyone know why I might have imagined that?

We all shrink when we pass a certain age, did I just experience a real drop in physical stature, albeit very small?

Please don’t tell me that the solution is to grow up a bit…

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