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Dreary Day

Dreary Day

Dreary Day
A Dreary Day

Dreary Day

That dreary problem with the Internet seemed to be over this morning and I got three new versions of Lek up (new covers and updated interiors). It would normally have taken thirty minutes each, but I didn’t mind spending three hours on the job. Then, shortly after six a.m. the dreary problem started again.

Four hours later, I still haven’t been able to get number four up on either of the Amazon sites, so switched to Kobo, Lulu et al, and they were working fine, so the problem has to be with Amazon. However, I couldn’t get into Facebook either, so perhaps they are both under attack.

Therefore, I have come out to write to you again, much to the chagrin of my wife, who commented that I was leaving an hour early. I don’t see the point of sitting there though, getting angry with things that no-one can fix for me though – I might have a stroke or heart attack!

It is nice out, but too hot to go for a stroll. It’s funny, a week ago people were saying how unusually cold, dreary and wet it was. It was (25c), and now it is unusually hot for the time of the year (35c). In fact, the shopkeeper, the tightest woman in the village, as anyone would tell you, has put a fan on me. I might be exaggerating if I guess that this might be the fifth time she has done that in ten years.

I am still trying to think of a title for my NaNoWriMo novel, and it just came to me that this would be the ideal opportunity to write a Christmas book. Not that I have had much experience with Christmas for ages – perhaps forty years.

I’ll put my mind to it when I stop talking.

I hate oilcloth on a table, don’t you? It makes your forearms sweat and retains the condensation from the beer bottle leaving difficult-to-see puddles for you to put your Kindle down in.

I shouldn’t complain though, I am sitting at her private table because it’s too hot for me where I normally drink.

Oh, if anyone is thinking of buying the Behind The Smile paperbacks, the new cover should be approved tomorrow, 23-10-15, so start with the new number one, but I will be keeping two-to-five available in the old style, for those who want a set of sorts. Number six will only be with the new cover. And, if you display your ebook covers as some do, tomorrow you will be able to refresh what you have and they will all match again.

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