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Our Spanish National Insurance Numbers

Our Spanish National Insurance Numbers
Our Spanish National Insurance Numbers

Our Spanish National Insurance Numbers

I have known for nine weeks that we would need Spanish National Insurance numbers if we are to stay here legally, and we did go to see a solicitor for help within a few days of landing, but, as with most things official except fines, it takes time. I should have gone in front of the police for mine last week, but due to a failure in communication between my solicitor and myself, it fell through. I am now looking at retrying in three weeks and hopefully my wife is booked in for a week or two after that.

I have at last collected all the bits of paper that should ensure that I obtain my NIE easily enough, but I am really not so sure about my wife.

My solicitor said that she had been advised that neither my wife’s visa nor marriage certificate were valid!!!

What a shock that was!

I do not believe them though and told them why, although that was a week ago and no-one has got back to me. I know that they haven’t dealt with a case like ours before, and I know that Thailand has a rotten reputation for counterfeiting and corruption, but these documents were obtained legally. I know; I was there.

A friend I have never met came to our rescue the other day with some suggestions, websites and telephone numbers that should put us on a surer footing.

I went to the government web page and ran through the checklist for someone wanting to marry a Thai in Thailand, and I think we have all the paperwork that the onsite wizard said we would need and would receive. We also have her Thai passport and ID card in the name in Jones, so the Thai government obviously accepts that we are married.

Let’s hope that that is enough to convince the Spanish authorities.

I asked the notaries recommended by the British government’s website whether they would check my paperwork for me, and after ten days of waiting, was referred back to their website to check them myself! Fat lot of good that is. Does that mean I can validate them myself too?

I should co-co.

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