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Our Apartment in Fuengirola

Our Apartment in Fuengirola
Our Apartment in Fuengirola

Our Apartment in Fuengirola

We still had three days left to run when we found our apartment, but the staff at the Hostel Jomarijo understood our predicament and allowed us a refund of a day. So, we have had the unnecessary luxury of having two places to be able to stay today. We spent the afternoon looking around our new apartment, familiarising ourselves with the amenities in it.

It is by far the best place either of us has ever stayed in. There is everything anyone could ever want except the Internet, although there is a computer desk. It also has a washing machine, dishwasher, toastie-maker, oven, microwave, spit roaster, fridge, intercom, and two motorcycle helmets!

However, it doesn’t stop there; not by a long chalk. There are six bottles of wine and cava in the cupboard, eight opened bottles of spirits, ten litres of Coke Cola, five litres of olive oil, a dozen packs of sausages, unopened butter, jam et cetera, packs of toilet rolls, toothpaste, soap and shaving foam… In short, the place reminds me of a dry-land Marie Celeste stranded ten floors up.

We both felt very much at home there this afternoon looking at the mountains surrounding Fuengirola from two windows and the sea and fishing harbour from the other. My wife likes to walk along the beach, but has always made me go with her in case she got lost. There is no chance of that any longer as our block is fifteen metres up a side street off the beach road. It will be perfect for her.

I have nothing to gain by recommending the people who helped us, but they deserve a mention, as I am sure that they will help you too if they are able to.

Contact: Jorge Salviche Luque (George)
tel: +34672988980

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