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The Lek Series

My Novels on Amazon

This is a list of the novels, novellas, novelettes and books Owen Jones has written so far, clicking the book cover will take you to the book in question at the Amazon store nearest to you, where you will be able to read the book’s details such as size, length, and genre, the blurb on the back cover and any reviews that readers have sent in.

My Novels on Amazon

Behind The Smile ~ The Story of Lek, A Bar Girl in Pattaya

Daddy's Hobby - Behind The Smile 1 An Amazing Future - Behind The Smile 2 Maya - Illusion - Behind The Smile 3 The Lady in The Tree - Behind The Smile 4 Stepping Stones - Behind The Smile 5 The Dream - Behind The Smile 6

The Beginning - Behind The Smile 7


Tiger Lily of Bangkok Tiger Lily of Bangkok in London The Disallowed Dead Centre Dead Centre 2 Andropov's Cuckoo - a spy thriller by Owen JonesThe Ghouls of Calle Goya Daisy's Chain The Alien House

Welsh Spiritual Mysticism

A Night in Annwn

Fate Twister  Life Night in Annwn

The Megan Series – A Spirit Guide, A Ghost Tiger and One Scary Mother!

Megan The Misconception Megan's Thirteenth Megan's School Trip Megan's School Exams Megan's Followers Megan and the Lost Cat Megan and the Mayoress Megan Faces Derision Megan's Grandparents Visit Megan's Father Falls Ill Megan Goes on Holiday Megan and the Burglar Megan and the Cyclist Megan and the Old Lady Megan's Garden Megan Goes to the Zoo Megan Goes Hiking Megan and the WVS Cookery Competion Megan Goes Ridng Megan and the Radio One Road Show Megan Goes Yachting Megan At Carnival Megan At CHristmas

Megan Collection Series

Megan Collection vol 1 Megan Collection vol 2 Megan Collection vol 3


Marketing Your Book The Eternal Plan How to Give Your Doga Real Dog's Life Authorship - Publishing Your Book On Your Own Marketing For Small Businesses 15k Twitter Followers How To Get A UK Visa For A Thai


Asian Shorts - an anthology

My Author Pages on the various publishers’ websites are:

Owen Jones’ Author Page on Amazon

Owen Jones’ Author Page on Apple

Owen Jones’ Author Page on Kobo

Owen Jones’ Spotlight Page on Lulu

Owen Jones’ Author Page on Nook

Owen Jones’ Profile Page on Smashwords

Podcast: Novels on Amazon – none


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  1. Two new novels have been added to our bookshop on Megan Publishing Services

    The Beginning – Behind The Smile volume 7

    Daisy’s Chain – a story of love, intrigue and gang warfare on the Costa del Sol

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