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An Old Man’s Mantra

An old man's mantra
An old man’s mantra

An Old Man’s Mantra

by Owen Jones

Every day, my wife and I are happier, healthier, stronger, fitter and slimmer. We are both losing weight.

The blood is flowing perfectly naturally around my veins. My heart is beating strongly and regularly, and I have no blood clots.

My dick and my arse don’t hurt any more, because the causes of the pain have completely disappeared.

My bladder stones have either dissolved or passed through me. My prostate gland is functioning absolutely fabulously, and has returned to it’s previously normal size.

I am selling, not giving away, but selling, at least $2,000 worth of books every month. I am making $1,000 from Google Adsense a month, and I am returning to writing today.

My heart has also shrunk back to its previously normal size; my feet have stopped swelling up, and bronchitis is a thing of the past!

I want to stress that this is my Mantra, my Wishlist – my Prayer – not my reality 🙂

We have to live in hope, eh?

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