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NaNoWriMo Challnge 2013

NaNoWriMo Challenge 2013

NaNoWriMo Challnge 2013
NaNoWriMo Challnge 2013

NaNoWriMo Challenge 2013


I have entered into the NaNoWriMo 2013 challenge. This is my first time. For those of you who don’t know what NaNoWriMo stands for, it is National Novel Writing Month. It has been going for about twelve years, but I had never heard of NoNoWriMo either.

Despite it describing itself as a ‘national’ event, it is not it is definitely international and you may enter in any language you like. The challenge is to write at least 50,000 words during the month of November, which is not as hard as some people make it out to be, although I suppose we all have other calls on out time too – some a lot more than others.

NaNoWriMo have very helpful web site where every entrant has his or her own page which tracks progress and stats. There is also a lot of encouragement from staff and other writers. So far over 280,000 people have entered and I recommend everyone to have a go. It is not too late to enter even now, it would mean writing an average of less than 2,500 words a day.

I have used this opportunity of NaNoWriMo to write outside my normal box – I have chosen the genre of…, er well, I’m not sure what it is called, really, I’m not very good at recognising niches.

It is about Lily, a 19 year-old serial killer living in Bangkok, but it’s not a mystery, because the reader knows that. It is not a detective novel, because the police hardly get a mention, so what is it? Suspense? If anyone can help me out, please do, because I need it.

You can read the blurb under a book with the name ‘Lily’ in the title and that is under the heading of ‘My Books’ on the Header Bar, up there somewhere ↑

As I was saying, I still don’t have a firm title yet. I started with ‘Bangkok Lil’, then moved to ‘White Lily of Bangkok’, but am now considering ‘Tiger Lily of Bangkok’.

If you’d like to give me your anonymous opinion, please complete this one-question poll :

Thanks for your help.



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