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More of the Same

More of the Same
More of the Same

More of the Same

Reading my recent posts must be becoming as boring and predictable as my Internet reception is for me! It is just more of the same!

Unfortunately, the story today is also more of the same. Last night the signal was strong, as it was this morning, and then, all of a sudden, at noon, it crashes to 48 Kbps, which, if you don’t know, is like unloading a lorry-load of sand with a spoon.

Don’t worry about what size lorry, any lorry and any spoon for that matter too.

Nevertheless, I am learning, so I got my advertising done at six a.m. or so, then uploaded a few more books, and when the inevitable crash came, I switched to editing Lek 6. I have completed a third of the first pass, which puts me back on track.

I imagine that more of the same is on the cards for tomorrow.

Neem, my wife, for new readers, told me today that next Monday and Tuesday are ‘Big Days for Buddha’. I don’t know which ones yet, but possibly it’s when they walk around the Wat in procession with candles. If it is that one then many people will come back for the weekend etc..

We also have a wedding in the family on the fourteenth of November, she told me. So, a busy first two weeks of next month coming up. I also promised to take a week or two off over Christmas so that we could go to Pattaya for a holiday.

It was a rash promise to make, but it is done now. Nine weeks away, less, so I have just worked out. In November, there will also be Loy Krathung, Thailand’s St Valentine’s Day and many women’s favourite day of the year and I have to remember to tell the police where I live, my 90-Days Notification.

And of the whole lot of things to do, the last is the most important.

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