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Behind The Smile 6: The Dream

The Dream - Behind The Smile 6
The Dream – BTS 6

Behind The Smile 6: The Dream

The Dream, the title of Behind The Smile 6, takes up the story of Lek, her family and friends from two years further down the line.

In the past, it has always been Lek who issued the ultimata, but the story opens with her having received one and it throws her.

She is offered the fulfilment of her oldest dream, but can she take it?

The fulfilment of any dream requires sacrifices, but is Lek prepared to make them now that her goal is within her grasp?

It is a tough one, which means a hard time for her, although her family and friends are behind her as always.

Which way will she go?

The instinct to follow her dream and the inertia of a comfortable life in the village as she gets older vie for supremacy in her mind.

As is usual in this series, nothing is hidden from the reader in The Dream, Behind The Smile 6, we are privy to all of Lek’s agonizing thoughts.

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Behind The Smile 6: The Dream

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