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Megan’s Free Audiobook Club

Megan's Free Audiobook Club
Megan’s Free Audiobook Club

Megan’s Free Audiobook Club

Have you caught the recent bug for audiobooks? Or is it audio books? The trend is so new that the jury is still out on the nomenclature, but I am going to use ‘audiobooks’ until it becomes ridiculous to continue to do so. Enter Megan’s Free Audiobook Club!

Anyway, I didn’t even realise that there was a fad for audiobooks until the beginning of 2018, when an article caught my eye and I followed the thread for an hour or so.

Now, I have four audiobooks of my own work and eleven more in production, and I have established a club where other enthusiasts can meet up. Well, more than that actually as I plan to hand out free copies of my audiobooks to members, and perhaps I will obtain audiobooks from other author friends to give away too.

The group is free to join, is called ‘Megan’s Free Audiobook Club’ and is hosted on Facebook here:

The details are explained on the group’s page, but basically, I will publish a list of the books I have to hand out with a reference back to a fuller description on this website. Then if you want a copy, just ask for one and you will receive a code to download a free copy.

Audiobooks often cost upwards of $20, so that is a pretty hefty saving. The only thing that I will ask of you in return is a short, honest review and that it be completed within a month.

NB: I am not even asking for a favourable review – just an honest one!

If you have never written a review before, don’t worry about it! I am not expecting a Sunday Times quality 🙂 Just in your own words…

In fact, I will put up a short template that you can follow to write your review to get novices started. Here is the link to that:

Please pop over to Megan’s Free Audiobook Club now and join up… I would love to meet you.

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