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Megan3 – The School Trip

Megan3 - to be called what?
Megan’s Thirteenth

Megan3 – The School Trip

August 11th

Today I started writing up the novella in the Megan Series for this month, August 2013. It’s working title is Megan3, but I already have the basis for the real title, something along the lines of ‘The School Trip’ or ‘The School Outing’.

The cover drawing shown here is of the second book, last month’s, which was called ‘Megan’s Thirteenth’, so that is something else that I must do soon – think of a cover drawing for this book and have it draw by the same artist. I think she made a good job of the last one.

I don’t know her name and I offered to let her sign the artwork and give her an acknowledgement inside, but she neither signed it nor sent me the details I needed 🙁

I usually write first in rough in an exercise book while sitting in the garden or a pub (we only have a shop in our village, no pubs) and then type it up a few days later to let it hang like game for a few days. Although at the time of writing the rough work, I consider it ‘finished’, the final version is usually 10-20% longer, another good reason for letting the fresh story stand like a good stew or bread dough.

The cover of Megan3 will be tricky because it cannot give the storyline away, which would be so easy to do in this episode.

I have enough rough work for two chapters, so when I have typed that up, I will do a bit more of my favourite part, which is sitting in the ‘pub’, watching village life go past with a pint of beer before me and a pen in my hand. However, before I can get to the fun part, I need to get this typed up, so I had better get on with it 🙂

August 12th

It is Mothers’ Day here in Thailand today, but my family celebrated with a party last night, so although  did write a thousand words or so in the shop yesterday, I did not get much further copying the old Megan3 material up, which leaves more to do today 🙁

Still, it beats digging holes. That’s the way I look at it 🙂

I went to the corner shop early today, but I wrote 2,500-3,000 words of Megan3 while I was there, so that was pretty good. I also had an idea for the cover picture and so ordered that from the same artist as before. The cover should be ready on the 16th August and at this rate the words will be finished on the 15th, so I am on track to finish in the middle of the month.

This is very good news for me, because my promise to myself if to finish one of these novellas in the Megan Series every month at least until Christmas, but it would be better for me, if I write twelve of them. Twelve books, even novellas, in a single series would be something to me!

August 13th

Typing up Megan3 today, so a boring day, but I do get t see my book finishing before before my eyes 🙂 73% complete now.

August 14th

My birthday. Guests from 11am until midnight, so not much work got done for myself, but I did post about my book give-away.

August 15th

We went to a house-warming party, which lasted from 10am until midnight, so not much got done on Megan3 again, but they had come to my birthday, so, we were obliged to go. It was a very enjoyable day though.

August 16th

Very tired today after virtually 48 hours of partying, but I have typed up all my rough notes on Megan3 now and the book is 89% done (it has a target of 10,000 words). I am now writing the last chapter.

Finished Megan3 now, but am awaiting the cover drawing, which was promised for today. Megan3, ‘The School Outing’ will be uploaded tomorrow and available on Sunday, August 18th 🙂

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