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Megan Publishing Services – MPS – Logo

A piece of history…

My (step) father, Owen Jones, created this blog, Megan Publishing Services, in 2013. It was shortly after he had written the first couple of volumes of The Megan Series, and it was meant as a vehicle for that series alone. The logo is the cartoon characterisation of the Megan in the series

He already had websites for his other books such as Behind The Smile and The Eternal Plan – Revealed and a personal catch- all called Welsh Products Online.

Megan Publishing Services

However, as his book real estate grew, and it happened very quickly, he decided to use the Megan blog to represent all his books. So, he rebranded it Megan Publishing Services.

Websites and blogs appertaining to specific series are now not being renewed when they expire. The rebranding of the blog / website has not seemed to matter. Well, to no-one except Facebook, which has labelled Megan The Misconception dot com as a spammer. It’s unfathomable!

In fact, people seem to have taken the site and the series to their hearts, even though we have rebranded The Megan Series as The Psychic Megan Series. We did this because it is more evocative of what the theme of the series really is. Megan is, after all, a psychic teen.

In 2020, he handed this blog over to me so that he could concentrate on writing.

Search Terms for MPS

Another interesting fact is that the three most popular search terms used to find our blog in order of usage are:

1] megs publishing services

2] meg’s publishing services

3] megan publishing services

People looking for us used the first search term eight times more than the third one! I am proud of that in a strange sort of way. I find it touching that people think of our blog in those endearing terms and, that the search engines accept the compliment.

Amazing, or what?

MPS and #MPS

When speaking about our blog, most people refer to it as MPS, but I have so far failed to make the search engines associate the acronym with us. A search on MPS comes up with boring ‘Members of Parliament’. Likewise, searching for #MPS on Twitter reveals posts about MP’s.

Still, I won’t stop trying to get this blog associated with MPS!

Publishing Services

I’ll take this opportunity to explain briefly what Megan Publishing Services actually does. It has two aspects:

1] Readers: we are showcasing about 800 books on this site. Owen Jones has written fifty-three stories and 125 manuals. All of the stories, and some of the manuals have been translated and / or narrated making up the 800 books mentioned above. For example, the first volume of The Psychic Megan Series now exists in 34 languages.

2] Writers: except for the basic writing skills that one learns at school, Owen Jones learned and taught himself how to write books. How to get them translated, narrated and published, and most importantly, how to get them in front of readers who might want to buy them. He is willing to share that knowledge with other (would-be) authors. He is also offering the said 125 manuals as niche PLR articles for writers to use in their own online publications in several languages.

Onwards and Upwards! Megan Publishing Services and everyone who uses it! ☺️


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