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Massage North Thailand Style

Massage North-Thailand Style

Massage North Thailand Style
Massage North Thailand Style

Massage North-Thailand Style

I treated myself to a massage today. The woman who does it teaches massage at Sukhothai University and is not your average twenty-five-year-old masseuse. She is twice that age, and practices massage north-Thailand style.

For those of you who don’t know, massage north-Thailand style is pretty rough. This woman, who is fairly tall for a Thai and weighs about fifty kilos (110 lbs), is extremely strong. Not only that but she has a very firm grip with both her hands and her feet.

When she walks up the back of your legs, you really feel her toes digging in. I think that it is fair to say that massage north Thailand style hurts. However, four years ago, I had back trouble and could only walk doubled over with my hands on my knees. That was when I first met this lady, whose name I still do not know.

She came to the house and examined me. “Five two-hour sessions ought to do it”, she told my wife.

I was sceptical, but asked for the sessions to be carried out on consecutive days.

She looked at me and laughed. “Impossible,” she said. “You are not strong enough. Two hours every week”.

Now, I am six feet tall and weigh 120 kgs and no-one had ever told me that I was not strong enough in my whole life. However, after one session, which could be described as wrestling, with her and I knew that she was right.

Five weeks later, I was cured, and stupidly stopped the sessions. Now, four years on, the problem is starting to return, but I am going to re-establish a routine of massage north-Thailand style to keep myself ‘fit’.

As I write this message to you, I ache all over and have slept for two hours this afternoon, which is not usual for me.

This woman is a tiger, and an all-in wrestler, but she has healing hands and I knew from the moment she laid them on me that she could fulfil her promise of curing me.

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