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It Is So Sad…

It is so sad...
It is so sad…

It Is So Sad…

Isn’t it is so sad that people, often writers, feel that they can talk about subjects they know little about? Just because they are in chase of their dream of celebrity and fortune. They wouldn’t write a load of tripe about an ethnic minority, but will about a religious one.

Imagine a Southern Baptist writing a story which involved Muslims without any knowledge of the religion. You know, just making it up as he went along to suit the twists and turns of his plot? It would take a brave or stupid author indeed to write in such an irresponsible manner.


However, switch the religion to Spiritualism (or anything similar). It has millions of followers and tens of thousands of churches, and the author thinks he can write with impunity. OK, I am a Spiritualist. So were my parents and paternal grandparents. However, I am not advocating a Jihad, if our church has the power or inclination to order such a thing.

I still think that it is sad though that many/most writers, who talk about ghosts, Spirit, life after death, and psychic powers tread on our beliefs so readily. For something to be paranormal, you have to believe that it is unexplainable and so possible, however remotely. Most stories labelled paranormal are explainable simply as being unbelievable even by their writers,

I know that Spiritualists don’t have sole belief in those subjects. Nevertheless, most writers of ‘paranormal’ don’t believe what they write about AT ALL. They just make it up as they go along or copy the old stereotypes.


That is also very sad – just regurgitating old Victorian Gothic tales, because the fact is that within the scope of the religion, Spiritualism (and all the others), there is plenty of choice for great stories without the writer having to appear to be a plagiarist or just plain silly.

Dragons (of the Welsh variety), vampires, werewolves, ghouls, zombies and all that ilk are not paranormal, unless you believe that they might exist! As it happens, I believe that it might be possible to shape-shift, but not that such an advanced person would choose to become a cannibal.

So, this is a plea to all you writers who think that your subject is Paranormal, just do some research like the rest of us and you will find that your stories become much more scary because they will be believable!

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