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Fuengirola Market

Fuengirola Market
Fuengirola Market

Fuengirola Market

Today is our second visit to Fuengirola Market, since it only operates on a Tuesday until about two, when it reverts to its intended use of car park. Fuengirola Market is biggest I have ever been to in the world, although it is hard to estimate the size of some of t

he markets in Bangkok, since they straddle streets and back streets, but perhaps the market we went in our last few days in Bangkok was larger.
Nevertheless, I could not get around it in one day of five hours. It is acres in size. A man might manage it alone, but not with his wife or girlfriend.
They sell all kinds of clothing, jewellery, accessories, and food (except dead animals). In fact, they sell everything anyone could possibly want to make daily living easier. However, the left-hand side of the front of the market is the site of several cafes and that is where I usually await my wife.
These cafes realise that the vast majority of the clientele consists of old men waiting for their wives and consequently the prices are higher than on the beach!
Two beers can easily cost you all the money your wife saved by shopping in the market instead of the nearest supermarket.
Still, perhaps that isn’t the point; it’s a morning out and a trip to Fuengirola, Los Boliches or Mijas would not be complete without spending at least one Tuesday morning here in the bustling market.
The only problem for us is the distance we have to carry whatever we buy. There are buses, but we don’t know where they go and my Spanish is not yet good enough to ask, so that will be my next task: learning how to ask where the bus goes and remembering the route numbers.
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