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Buying Likes and Other Social Indicators

Buying Likes and Other Social Indicators
Buying Likes

Buying Likes and Other Social Indicators

All of us who have web sites, which includes blogs, want them to be read. I think that that goes without saying, even if the site has not been monetised to earn commission or sell something.

What is the point of writing if no-one is going to read it?

So, we create our sites and we write our website content and we try to attract visitors, or traffic as it is called.

We are told that Google is the largest search engine, handling about 80% of all search queries, so it is very important to rank highly in Google. We are also told that Google, and others, are using social media activity as one of the indicators of the popularity of a web site, because the most popular (and those who pay, in Google’s case) rise to the top of the search engine results.

It is important to be at the top of the results as 80-90% of searchers never go to the second page and 50% don’t even look below the fold (the top half of the screen).

Therefore, a site owner has to do everything within his or her power to be ranked above the fold on the first page of Google, if he wants to attract visitors to his site content to make money.

After creating the web site, the next thing to do is set up Facebook and Twitter accounts that are associated with the site by having links that point to it. Then you make your Facebook as popular as possible and hope that some visitors ‘spill over’ to the main web site.

Then you try to get as many Twitter followers as possible, so that you can tell lots of people about your web site. You also should have a Facebook like button, Twitter follow and other social media buttons on your site, so that people can say they like your website page and promote it to their friends about it.

Google will look at these website likes and try to guess how popular the site is, they might even follow your links to your Facebook site and add the popularity of that into the equation. However, the important figures are the likes on your site.

This is the honest way of doing it.

You can use the Facebook figures to analyse your traffic. The demographics are given of the Facebook members who visited your Facebook and liked it. These figures relate to their sex, their town, their country and the language they use.

This is very useful information for content marketing. If you are trying to attract young mothers to your site and you see from the figures that most of your visitors are old men, then you know you need to change your social content.

Since this Facebook account is linked to your site, you may conclude that your site is being visited by similar people. This will help you get more traffic and make more money.

And, as we all know, where money is involved there will be cheating.

You can buy Facebook likes for your website or Twitter followers from Fiverr at the rate of up to 10,000 followers for $5.

I did it once, but never again. The Twitter followers don’t care about you, they probably don’t even know who you are or what you stand for. The legitimate accounts will probably drift away and you will be left with the fake ‘unmanned’ accounts.

With Facebook it is even worse, because all your legitimate demographic data will be buried under a load of fake accounts purporting to be owned by young men from Cairo and Buenos Aires!

Buying likes and followers is a waste of money at best, but it will ruin the important feedback from your Facebook account too.

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