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Bangkok Red Light District

Bangkok Red Light District

Bangkok Red Light District - Girls in Soi Nana
Bangkok Red Light District

The Bangkok Red Light District is a magnet for visitors to Thailand, similar to Amsterdam of The Netherlands. However, I lived in Thailand for eighteen years, and have visited Bangkok scores of times. My wife has family there and most visa work is carried out In the capital too. However, I’m not completely sure that there is a designated Red Light District as such in Bangkok.

Bangkok Red Light District

To put it simply, tourists often ask: ‘Where is the Bangkok Red Light District?’

The point is though that there are sex bars and non-sex bars all over the city. Then there are the hybrids – ie, those which are respectable by day, but turn into sex bars after dark. Lots of these bars have a microphone stand in a corner, so they can play Karaoke songs later on. Many of the girls who come to sing will be on stage to draw attention to themselves. However, they are not hoping that a talent scout will spot them for a career in music.

If there is such a thing as a dedicated Red Light District in the capital, then I suppose that it is around Sukhumvit Soi 4. This area is more popularly known as Soi Nana, after the first and largest hotel in the street. However, many of the most popular sex venues are around, not necessarily in, that street

Great Nightlife

I know that many tourists to Bangkok head for the famous sex bars and nightclubs in Soi Nana. Nevertheless, if you are staying in Bangkok for more than one night, check out the bars around your hotel first. You will find some pleasant surprises that are not overfull and not overpriced. Thais, other Asians and foreign residents use these places. They are more typical of Bangkok than what you probably think of as a dedicated Red Light District.

One thing to remember when looking for typical examples of Bangkok sex bars, is that it is not like what you have seen on the films of American soldiers in Saigon, Tokyo, or even Bangkok. In general, the signs are not so flashy, and the girls promoting the bar on the street will be wearing more modest clothing, although schoolgirl uniform is popular.

If the Bangkok Red Light District is on your list of sights to see, don’t worry about checking it out. You are not obliged to do anything you don’t want to, and you will probably have a lot of fun. Millions of visitors to Bangkok have tremendous fun in the popular girly bars. So, don’t allow preconceived Western ideas of morality to spoil your adventure.

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