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August 2017

August 2017
August 2017

August 2017

This is the month I have tried to take off every year since I left school. August falls in the school summer holidays in the UK. When my father remarried, it was my sister’s birthday on the first, my dog’s on the fourth, my brother’s on the seventh, mine  on the fourteenth, my real mother’s on the twenty-second and a good friend’s on the twenty-sixth.

It was easier to take the month off than keep making up excuses!

There are two weeks left, and I don’t see those I used to know who had/have birthdays in August any more.

I wish I did.

We don’t have any real friends here in Spain, no long-term ones anyway. So has it been for most of my life, but my wife is used to more. She has always had loving friends and family around her… I wish I could say the same since I first left home, but I am more than willing to accept the blame for that.

I’m tired now though; I’m fed up with fighting. I would happily give up my life tomorrow, if I could be certain that my wife would be all right, although I suppose that I know that she would be, because she is Thai, and Thais take care of their families.

I have fought with most of the people I know this year and made a tit of myself, but I am not happy and will not be until this struggle to get Neem to the UK is over. I am sorry if you got caught up in my turmoil. I have learned such a lot about why people did the things they have done in the last year.

I am tired of all the hassle, but sleep will not put it right. Death is the only answer I can see and I don’t sodding care any longer. If that upsets you, well, like I said above, I have already pissed most people I know off, so what is another one?

Although I do care about my friends and family… it is just a rotten situation that we are in… and I didn’t bring my wife to Europe so that I could literally worry myself sick and so my wife would worry off ten kilos that she didn’t need to lose.

I hope that you are doing better than we are.

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