Effective Ways To Start Blogging

Effective Ways To Start Blogging

Everybody has something to say and most people are passionate about something that they want to talk on. Some want to take this desire to communicate a few stages further – they want to tell the world about it. That was impossible less that twenty years ago, unless you managed to get on TV or were syndicated in the world’s press. Now, almost anyone can do it by using one of the easy ways to start blogging.
The Internet makes it possible for everybody to have their say. The young and the old, the rich and the poor can write about whatever they like on the Internet. You can use a web site as your soap box or you could use a specialized web site called a blog. If you cannot host the blog yourself for any reason, you could start a blog at one of the many web sites that offer free blogs.
The word ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log’ and adding content to your blog is known as blogging. Blogs have become a very effective way of spreading one’s point of view. The latest kind of blogging is micro-blogging, which is the generic description for Twitter and other social media.
Blogging has been used successfully by peoples of countries where the provision of human rights is not a government priority. Only recently, dissidents in Iran, Iraq and Myanmar have kept the world up-to-date about repression in their countries through writing blog posts. The blogs were often reprinted in the world press and reported on the International news.
If you would like to blog for free, search Google for ‘free blogs’ and take a look around. There are dozens of free blog sites around and they all offer different functions. Blogger by Google is one of the better ones, but there really are many different types of free blogs.
One thought is whether you would like your blog domain to be open or closed. That is, do you want anyone to be able to read it or do you want just a closed user group (CUG), which could be your friends, your family or your colleagues?
It should not take longer that thirty minutes to set up your blog. Some providers like to approve new blogs, but others do not. You could be blogging within the hour, so write an article welcoming visitors to your blog and post it to the website. Make it ‘sticky’ if you can, so that it is always the first post that people read when they arrive at your site.
Make your posts informative and try to keep them newsworthy. The content ought to neither be so short that it is not worth coming to read it nor so long that it is boring – 400 to 500 is judged to be about right for the average reader.
You will need to promote your blog’s domain name or no-one will know that it is there. Do this by posting your pieces (with your blog address attached) to a few article directories. It is free and will give your blog a real increase in circulation. You can stop doing this when your blog is self-sustaining.
Permit all visitors to make comments on the blog by email, because it encourages them to come back, but check frequently for spam comments and delete them because a blog full of spam looks neglected.

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