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Wheels in Motion

Wheels in Motion
Wheels in Motion

Wheels in Motion

It is time to put some wheels in motion. We will be returning to Spain in about five weeks and things have to be done before then. Unfortunately, the two things remaining for us to do (validating our marriage certificate and obtaining a visa for Neem) have to be done in Bangkok, and Bangkok is not the best place to be at the moment (after the death of the King).

Our brother-in-law is coming up from Bangkok in the next couple of days to see his mother, who has broken her hip. She is the third septuagenarian woman I know who has broken her hip recently. Anyway, we will cadge a lift back with him. It’s a shame that he doesn’t live anywhere near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Spanish Embassy, so that means hours in taxis.

We are both dreading it. I just can’t be bothered with all the fuss – selfish, I know – but we both hate big cities, and Bangkok is in mourning more than anywhere else in Thailand. In our little northern village, several businesses have been closed since Thursday, and if you can’t find someone, the best bet is to look in the Temple.

However, Neem has another reason for not wanting to go. She has had a premonition that she will not get her visa and it worries her. She will get one, it’s just the hassle, as I said. What is more, if we get this part right, then Neem will get her Spanish residency papers easily too. To this end, I contacted the British Embassy in Bangkok to ask how to validate our marriage certificate. They said that they don’t know, so have referred my query to the Foreign Office in London.

Strange, eh? I would have thought that it was a fairly common question, since they are making it a difficult task to accomplish. Anyone would assume that they don’t want anyone living abroad to be able to do it.

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