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Twitter Feeds – @Megan_and_Grrr

Twitter Feeds

I have three Twitter feeds ranking in age as @owen-author, @lekwilliams and @Megan_and_Grrr. They were always meant to be kept separate. One was for me, one for Lek from the Behind The Smile series, and one for Megan from that series.

Unfortunately, over the years, due to my ignorance, the difference between the Twitter feeds blurred and the same posts were sent to all three of them and at the same time, so it wasn’t worth joining them all. This came about because of the way it was using Hootsuite.

So, I am going to put all that right again, and I have started by giving up on Hootsuite and adopting a new system, which may be the subject of a later post.

Anyway, my new system will redraw the original lines between the Twitter feeds, so that you have more choice what you want to receive. There will be a tiny bit of overlap, but I will be consciously trying to keep it to a minimum. Most of it will be concerning books. For example, a post about a new volume in the Megan Series or Behind The Smile will also be posted in my author account.

However, posts related to Thailand will only go to @lekwilliams and posts on fantasy subjects will only go to @Megan_and_Grrr. So, if you follow one or more of my Twitter feeds, I suggest that you decide which one(s) you are interested in and react accordingly.

Most of the changes necessary at my end have already been implemented, now my biggest task is to change my mindset and stick to the new system.

Some of you have already noticed the changes and, most of those approve. It should make for a more targeted news stream, but if you prefer a more general Twitter feed, opt for @owen_author

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