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The Rôle of PLR in Internet Marketing

The Rôle of PLR in Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing
Internet Marketing

The Rôle of PLR in Internet Marketing

The Internet has been around for more than twenty-five years now, but there are still a lot of novice or would-be sales people who don’t realise that Internet marketing is basically the same as any other type of marketing, except that you have more possibilities and that it can be cheaper.

Cheaper? Cheaper to reach more people who might be interested in whatever you have to sell – your potential customers – and on an industrial scale. Traditionally, a salesperson would be advertising to the inhabitants of his or her town. Television increased the scope to nationwide, but the Internet has made that global.

If you are a one-man band, this potential can be daunting, and you will soon come to understand that you are just not able to source your goods; create and maintain your website; write sales literature for it; take orders and dispatch them; deal with inquiries, complaints and returns; plus maintain records for tax purposes, stock, etc., etc., all on your own. You will soon decide that you need help.

There are two ways to go: taking on (more) staff, or outsourcing work.

Taking on staff will free you up to learn about corporation tax, sales taxes, payroll, income tax, workers’ rights, health and safety, and other employment laws, whereas outsourcing will only mean a little more paperwork, It will actually create more time for you.

What you outsource is obviously up to you, but I am going to recommend that one of the things that you could outsource quickly and cheaply is the writing of your sales material and website content. By ‘website’ here, I am including the far more interactive and responsive blog. This is the easiest and cheapest way of getting your Internet-based business up and running quickly.

If you have gone down this route, like it or not, you are now an Internet Marketer with a mail order business. Congratulations!

There are five basic points that every Internet Marketer has to to learn about the mail order business in order to increase their profits:

  1. that the Internet is just another (or perhaps the most superior) vehicle for direct response marketing, but it contains within itself the potential to make you rich! However, because the marketplace is so huge, and therefore has many participants in it, it evolves extremely quickly.

  2. that there are hardly any markets where fashion or current trends do not play a rôle, and you will need to keep abreast of those fast-changing trends

  3. that prices move quickly, some tend to rise, whereas those in older technology fall

  4. international law changes – bans, embargoes, tariffs and trade wars are becoming more and more common

  5. it has never been easier to reach so many people so quickly

When you have sorted these obstacles out, you may like to outsource your marketing as well as drop-shipping, but in the beginning, you will probably need to provide your own marketing material. This raises two questions: do you have the talent to write it, and, if so, do you have the time to write it?

If not, then again, you have two possible solutions: either hire someone to write bespoke articles for you, or find relevant off-the-peg articles and modify them to suit your needs.

The name given to these off-the-peg articles is PLR, which stands for Public Label Rights, and once again, there are two sorts: the first kind is usually free, but old articles that have been around for quite some time, and can be spotted on numerous sad-looking blogs; and the second, so-called fresh material, which has to be bought, although it is usually fairly cheap. Both kinds are often bundled into niche packages, and should be fine-tuned to perfectly suit your business.

The big difference is that the articles that have been used hundreds of times will need a lot of re-writing since so many variations already exist, whereas the the second can be turned around a lot more quickly.

Since these niche packages of PLR often cost less than $10 for a set of ten articles, it is hardly worth going for the free option, because your time is worth more than the cost of rewriting a free article as extensively as would be necessary to render it unique.

What sort of niche PLR packages are there? The range is unbelievable, there will not be much that a person can sell that will not be covered by a group of PLR articles somewhere. You will need to type something like: “[your product] PLR articles” (with the inverted commas) into a search engine. However, if you want to dive right in, even if it’s only to have a look at some examples of niche PLR packages, you could do worse than try Megan Publishing Services (

Megan Publishing Services has fresh PLR for Internet Marketing purposes organised into 125+ niche packages of about fifteen articles of roughly 500-600 words a piece, which is the recommended size for an Internet article. It also has the same PLR packages in several languages, if you want to go down that road. Any smaller and the search engines might ignore it, and too much longer and the reader might give up before the end, modern attention spans being what they are.

Once you have your finely-tuned, modified article, you should place it on your website, and promote that page to your previous customer list, your website followers and the social media. After a few days, when the search engines know that the article originated from your website, you could copy it to whichever other locations you have deemed fit. These are probably specific to the industry you have chosen to market to: games, women’s fashion, auto accessories, or whatever. You might also like to post the article to an Article Directory, which is a repository for pieces that the author is willing to share with other website owners. In effect, the other webmasters reprint your article on their site as a free guest article, but we’ll leave that topic for another day.

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