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Spain, Here We Come!

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Spain Here We Come

Spain, Here We Come!

Spain Here We Come!

We leaving for Spain in six days time, but my wife still hasn’t received her visa. Everything is pre-booked as a prerequisite for that visa, but it hasn’t seemed to help much. Neem phoned up this morning at ten thirty, and they told her thatthey were too busy to talk to anyone. She would have to email her query.

Meanwhile, I was checking our email and a message came in time-stamped ten oh-six that she could pick up her passport any time. However, it did not say that she has a visa. So, we won’t know until tomorrow because the embassy closes at one and it takes three hours to get there across Bangkok.

Spanish Visa in Bangkok

Why couldn’t they have said, “Oh, and by the way, congratulations!” just to put an end to her anxiety? It seems so petty and cruel.

If she has the visa, it’s the first bus or train back home (650km) for us, pack, say our Goodbyes, and then the return journey to Bangkok to stay with the sister-in-law a kilometre from the airport so we can be there easily on Monday morning.

If she has a visa, otherwise we will have to cancel our hotel and flights and reapply for a visa. The agony is not over yet, but we will know one way or the other in twenty hours.

Time for a few beers to help the hours pass, I think 🙂

Spain, Here We Come!

It will be the first time that that I have chosen a location specifically to write a book in. We are heading for the area around Fuengirola in Andalucía, southern Spain. I think it is the Costa del Sol, but I mix all the Costas up. I am hoping to find a place in or around Marbella or Los Boliches, so if you know of anything, please let me know. is showing almost four hundred rooms to let in the general vicinity of Malaga, so we have nothing to worry about.

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