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A Night In Annwn Audiobook

Night In Annwn Audiobook

A Night In Annwn Audiobook
A Night In Annwn Audiobook

A Night In Annwn Audiobook

It has taken me most of this year so far to get my first audiobook – A Night In Annwn – read as an audiobook, but the process is now complete and you can listen to the first fifteen minutes below free of charge.

It does take quite a long time, but this is not really anyone’s fault. Rather it is a completely different process and the author has to learn the new role of Director.

The Director

The Director, not unlike as you see in film credits, is in charge of setting the guidelines and choosing the producer according to criteria that he sets. This mainly has to do with the voice of the producer (narrator) of the audiobook.

When the Director has shortlisted a few voices, then auditions have to be held, and a final producer selected. From then on the Director has to be available to answer any production queries that arise on the fly.

Eventually, the chapters are ready to be edited, and the Director comes back to the fore, for each chapter has to be listened to and compared with the original text.

Alterations can still be made at this stage, and a cover has to be made. It is the Director’s responsibility to get all this done to his satisfaction. When the book has been approved, the audio company’s Quality Control takes over. Nevertheless,  the Director may still get the audiobook back for editing.

Quality Control

Once it passes that stage, it goes on to the aggregators ( Amazon, Audible and Apple) to be checked by their Quality Control systems. About a week after that, the audiobook will go live.

A Night In Annwn is one of my favourite books because it is so different, and the wonderful reader, Andrew McGuirk, adds an extra dimension to the words and atmosphere.


A Night In Annwn is available free for some at Amazon, please click the following link:


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