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My New Blog Diary

Owen Jones
Owen Jones


My New Blog Diary

This is a special day for me, it is the day that I took the advice, yet again, of my friend, Lord David Prosser, and started my own personal blog diary.
He has been advising me to do it for years, but, well, I can be stubborn and stupid.
However, today, I am committed to writing a blog diary post at least every week and hopefully every day. I am saying that with the enthusiasm of the newly converted, not, I hope, with that of the average maker of New Year’s resolutions.
I hope not anyway.
I mean to do this, but saying that makes me sound like a resolutionist already, if there is such a word, but I’m sure that at least you know what I mean, dear reader, and that’s all that counts.
So, what am I going to be writing about in this new blog diary of mine?
No, it’s a fair question, but one to which I don’t have a clear reply.
Anything and everything! Sounds good, but I doubt if I will ever write about space travel, dogging or hawking.
I’ll probably write about what I do every day, hence blog diary, and that is living the life of a sixty-year-old writer of novels who lives in a remote village in the rice belt of northern Thailand with his Thai wife and their four-month-old granddaughter, the first child I have lived with since I left home as a teenager, over forty years ago.
I also like dogs and languages.
Well, all animals, really, except mosquitoes and slugs, but definitely all languages.
I learned seven to fluency in my distant past, and now I am trying to learn Thai. It is touch and go at the moment whether I will succeed or the language will continue to elude me.
I’ve been trying for ten years already and my wife says I haven’t made a lot of progress, but I may have another ten years left, if the three score years and ten thing is accurate.
I’ll hope it is until I get there, then I’ll probably jump ship and believe that it’s a load of bunkum.
Such is life, or mine anyway.
What else? you may be asking.
I have travelled a lot, I have been using computers every day for more than half my life, I like chocolate and beer and sailing.
I like swimming too, and used to be pretty good at it, but decades of inactivity have so far put the kibosh on that, although I still love anything to do with the water. I have always felt an affinity for it, but whether that has to do with the protective amniotic fluid in my mother’s womb or the sea from where they say that all our ancestors originated, I do not know.
Perhaps, your opinion will depend on whether you have a stronger propensity towards being a Freudian or a Darwinian, but I’ll leave that up to you, if you choose to return to see what is written in my new blog diary tomorrow.
Anyway, nice to meet you and hope to see you again.
Say ‘hello’ in the comments box of my blog diary below if you’ve a mind to, I’d love to hear from you.

Iechyd da,
(Oh, by the way, I’m Welsh too.)

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