Lock-Down Experiences

Three things happened  to me in the last 24 hours, which I don’t think have anything to do with lock-down or cabin fever, because I don’t think I suffer from those conditions. I have always spent a lot of time on my own – since leaving home at eighteen anyway.
1) I saw next-door’s cat try to leap from our garden up onto the 3′ wall and through the railing fence, as it does a dozen times a day, but it fell back into our garden. It tried twice more, but with the same result. Then I noticed that it had a big fish in its mouth – the equivalent of a three-pound carp. I shouted at the cat; it dropped the fish, leaped through the fence and stood there watching me. Neem came over to see what the commotion was about and asked why I had put the fish she was going to cook for our dinner in the flower bed.
2) It is 42c here, so the windows are open and the fan on 24 hours a day. Yesterday evening, a big, 3″, green insect landed on the fly screen in front of my desk. When it turned around, it was a mantis. I tried to explain to Neem that we call them Praying Mantises and why, but she said that this was probably not the same one, as they call them Boxing Mantises. When threatened, they sway from side to side a little, and shadow bow with their front ‘arms’. It did that at me when I got too close.
3] I dreamed I was walking along a long road heading out of town, when I saw a sign saying ‘Free Showers’, so I went in. It was empty, but there were bottles of shampoo, and bars of soap, so I got started. I could see the water coming out of the shower head, and I could see the shampoo in my cupped hand, but I wasn’t getting wet or soapy. An Arab boy came in, watched what I was doing for a moment and left smirking. A short while later, I woke up with my hands in my hair. I guess that’s how I knew I wasn’t getting wet despite the fact that my eyes were telling me that I should be. Don’t believe everything you see?