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Internet Radio

The Internet has evolved and made many changes to our way of life including personal Facebook pages, individual blogs and the way we trade information as well as the way the public finds and listens to music using Internet radio.

One of the upcoming and most popular formats is Internet Radio.  Let’s discuss a typical Internet station,  which promotes, plays and exclusively features independent artists and their music.

Internet radio stations have been online for more than fifteen years and offer listeners an alternative to subscription radio and commercial radio because of the eclectic music formats and unique opportunities for independent bands. Often local music is being brought to the forefront by these small local Internet stations.

These Internet radio station are important not only to the bands and individual artists that they promote, but to the public as well.

‘They are first and foremost about local music’, explained a spokesman. ‘They offer a chance for local,  independent artists to submit their music free to us and to do that, they just go to our site and submit the music through an app. The app allows bands and artists to submit their band bio, media kits and of course, the music, and this service in turn helps the bands by promoting them on ezines, other Internet radio stations, blogs and music related web sites.

‘This gives the independent band or artist a unique opportunity to be heard with free exposure on our home page to reach their target audience and a chance for the band to attain new fans.  We will also showcase bands in our “Talent Showcase”, thus keeping the band active on our play list.  We also use the artists’ own promotional material (blogs, YouTube, Facebook etc) and link up with them within our web site structure and we can even create ring tones for them’.

There are several free programmes on the Internet, which you can download so you can tune in to the various Internet radio stations and remember their URL’s.  They are similar to many of the music players that come bundled with new computers and are very easy to use and operate.

If you are tired of the boring old format from your local radio stations, try tuning into a local Intenet radio station. They may have recommendations for an Internet radio player or a modern version of one on your computer may be up to the job.

‘This is what is the most exciting to me’, said the spokesman. ‘They play the independent bands that submit their music to us, and it can be in any of the countless musical genres, and it is a free format for both the listener and the bands.  I am very excited for all local, independent bands and artists’.

Some of the bands promoted through local Internet radio stations become nationally and even internationally famous, because there is the chance of their music being picked up by enthusiasts everywhere in the world.

These new Internet radio stations are an exciting and very impressive new way for band and listeners of cutting edge music to come together and discover one another very cheaply and should be encouraged and supported.

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