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Inspiration - Fate Twister
Inspiration – Fate Twister


We are six days into NaNoWriMo 2015, and my novel is coming on quite well. I have written about nineteen thousand words in five chapters. However, ‘A Night in Annwn’ far from written. I suppose I am about thirty-five percent through it and looking for more inspiration.

This is the stage in writing a novel that scares me the most. The first third has been written, but at the expense of nearly all the ideas!

So, another wave of inspiration is called for, but will it come? I usually know how I want my stories to finish, but the middle bit, how to get from the opening to the ending is always a worry. It often reminds me of a game of chess. You can learn openings and you can study how to win the end game with a rook, or a knight and a bishop, but the middle game is down to your skill as a player.

On top of that, I need to read at least three chapters of Lek 6 a day in order to meet the deadline imposed by Kindle’s pre-order system and I would like to publish another collection of five of the Megan novelettes as they are doing well on Kindle Unlimited (is it?). That might have to wait though until Lek 6 is out of the way.

I changed the cover of ‘Fate Twister’ yesterday and made two sales within hours. The book has moved slowly in the past, but everyone who reads it praises it (see five-star review on Readers’ Favorites). Let’s hope that the cover change will be just what it needs.

It will work out well if it does, because I want to use the old Fate Twister cover for Annwn. Have any Welsh people here heard of Annwn, and if so in what context?

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