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Holidays for Webmasters

Holidays for Webmasters

Holidays for Webmasters
Holidays for Webmasters

Holidays for Webmasters Exclusive!

$7.99 for Two Weeks or More!

As the owner of every business knows, it’s difficult to get away on a decent holiday, because it’s hard to find someone who will devote as much time and attention to your business as you would. This is usually a very real problem in the world of bricks and mortar, but at least webmasters can take their computer anywhere in the world and work just as effectively from there.

The thing is, does your family want to see you, or even do you want to be, poring over your computer when you are supposed to be enjoying your holiday with your friends or family?

No, of course not!

However, as all good webmasters with an eye on the website’s Google Page Rank know, if you don’t keep up a campaign with a steady flow of high-quality relevant content, your PR will slip and that would be a disaster, wouldn’t it?

Months, or even years or hard work writing content to get your website on Google page one, only to come back from a fortnight’s holiday and find it on page ten – buried in the wilderness.

Well, now I have a solution for you, webmasters – you may go on your holiday and not lift a finger in content-typing and all for the measly sum of $7.99 for fifteen days!

Surely that makes it one of the cheapest holidays you could ever get?

This is how it works. If you need fresh content to maintain a current campaign for your online publication, say, blog, website or newsletter, you need one of my niche PLR ebooks, which contain on average fifteen, five-to-six hundred-word, laser-targeted, keyword-rich articles.

Then all you have to do is spend a few minutes before you go changing some of the wording in each one to make them your own  and either have someone upload them for you one a day or set it up to work automatically – some systems allow the phased release of articles – or at worst, you could spend five minutes updating your website with them yourself every day – while you’re checking your sales and Page Rank.

Now don’t tell me you won’t be doing that at least once a day!

So there you have it, complete rest for webmasters for only $7.99 for two weeks or more – what a bargain!

To peruse the ninety-nine PLR ebooks for your keywords and phrases, and start planning your well-deserved holiday, please go here: PLR ebooks

NB: PLR eBooks sold on Amazon for your complete peace of mind 🙂

All the best,


Podcast: Holidays for Webmasters Exclusive!

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