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Google Bias and Blacklisting

Google Bias and Blacklisting
Google Bias and Blacklisting

Google Bias and Blacklisting

If you are still not convinced that there is such a thing as Google Bias and Blacklisting, there is a simple test that you can try. In May 2016, I wrote an article for my blog called ‘Living in Remote Thailand’. Today, I noticed in my logs that my blog had been flagged for that key phrase five times this month.

So, I entered it into Google, but my article did not appear on the first five pages, despite the fact that the search phrase appeared in very few of the results. How can that be?

I tried a few other search engines and these are the results for my article:

Bing: number 3 (after two paid entries)

Yahoo: number 3 (after two commercial entries)

DuckDuckGo: number 1

Ecosia: number 1

Google: not in first 50

Therefore, the conclusion is simple. If you want a load and I really mean A LOAD of commercial junk thrown at you when you are only looking for the answer to a simple question, then go for Google, but if you want facts, plain and simple, the others are a better bet.

You may be thinking that this is a one off, but I have further evidence that my work has been hidden by Google. I have a popular series of six books called Behind The Smile. The oldest of them is from 2012 and the website is from the same era.

Type Behind The Smile into the above search engines and see what you get. I’ll save you the trouble:

Bing: number 3

Yahoo: number 5

DuckDuckGo: number 8

Ecosia: number 9

Google: number 38

Sometimes, I can’t find it all, but my real point is that Google always puts commercial, paying, companies ahead of facts, because they don’t care if you find what you want, they want you to buy something, so that they can prove that their system works for advertisers in order to justify their fees.

Carry out your own tests on Google Bias and Blacklisting and I am sure that you will discover as much corruption of the pure search results and poor reporting as I did.

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