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The Fate Twister – Audiobook

Fate Twister audiobook cover
Fate Twister – Audiobook

The Fate Twister – Audiobook

Fate Twister

The Strange Story of Wayne Gamm


Owen Jones

Narrated by Pauli Murphy

Wayne Gamm was born on a remote sheep farm on a mountainside in north Wales. It was a wild and stormy night in June. The midwife, and all the family wanted him to be delivered in hospital because he was going to be large. Furthernore, he was Gwynedd’s first baby. However, for reason’s that will become apparent, his mother and grandmother, Rhiannon, thought that might be very dangerous.

Gwynedd’s whole family had been born on the farm, Yr Ardd Y Ddraig, The Dragon’s Garden, for as far back as they knew. In fact, a family bible put that at 324 years – and they were all either witches or warlocks.

The problem with the males though was that they were ‘lose cannons’, meaning they had difficulty focusing their powers. Wayne followed suit, although all witch babies have to learn self-control, even the females.

Gwynedd and Rhiannon, both witches, had high hopes that Wayne would be more capable than his male antecedents. However, it turned out that he had much great power, but so little control, that even his own family were wary of him.

He was also feared and shunned at school by teachers and fellow-students alike. They knew from experience, that things could get a little weird when Wayne was around.

They Called him Fate Twister

The more astute noticed that when he was happy, good things happened. However, when he was upset, anything could befall anyone. Luckily, Wayne was a happy person by nature. Nevertheless, this made it worse for him, because he didn’t want to hurt people. He was in denial. He refused to accept that he was causing the disruptions.

They called him Fate Twister behind his back, because he was too unpredictable to say it to his face.

Wayne grew up dejected, rejected, lonely and in denial.

This is the strange story of the early life of Wayne Gamm, Fate Twister.

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Fate Twister – Audiobook

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