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Facebook and Its Spam Detectors

Facebook and its Spam Detectors
Facebook and its Spam Detectors

Facebook and Its Spam Detectors

I don’t know whether you have been a victim of Facebook and its Spam Detectors (a.k.a. spambots) recently, but they are giving me a lot of gyp. For example, Facebook and its Spam Detectors used to force me to fill out its questionnaire and change my password about once a month, but I have had to do it four times this week.

There are two aspects that I find particularly annoying about this. 1) the parameters of the questions are always the same eg, they ask, “Did you befriend Bill Jones?”. Why do I have to answer that exact same question four times in a row? 2) Then they send a message saying, “If you requested a change of password, you need do nothing”. However, I requested a new password only because they had blocked my account until I did!!

Facebook and its Spam Detectors are definitely the most annoying aspect of my online life ghese days, although Twitter is catching them up quickly with its silly three-day rule. I suspect that both of them are punishing me because I won’t give them a phone number. Why not? Well, firstly, I don’t have a phone, and secondly, they don’t need my number. Who do they think they are? A bank oe an investment company?

They are just glorified chat rooms with superiority complexes, who are also surreptitiously collecting ever more data on their users to pass on to the security forces and private business sectors.

Well, I feed them incorrect data… I like things that I would never buy, just to screw up their algorithms, and I won’t give them my correct address or even country of residence sometimes, despite their geo-locators. When I see that they have tracked me down, despite the fact that I have have told my browser that I don’t want to share my location, I change my place of residence to somewhere else. Sure it means that ads are not relevant, but so what? I don’t want their stuff anyway.

Many people are finding that their posts are being deleted from Facebook. However, you can rail against this by challenging their decisions. Under Help on the top right of the screen, find Support Questions and click it. It will give you a lust of all your posts that it blocked, although it won’t tell you why. Click that you don’t agree with their spambots and a human will be made to check it. I do this every day, and I am hoping that they will Whitelist my account one day. If you don’t challenge them like this, you are accepting their robots’ right to judge your account, and I find that the thin edge of the wedge.

I urge you to keep an eye on Facebook and its Spam Detectors too. Don’t let them get the last word or before you know it they will be running the show – they already think that they do 🙂

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Podcast: Facebook and its Spam Detectors

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