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The Eyes of Death

The Eyes of Death

The Eyes of Death
The Eyes of Death

The Eyes of Death


Donald L. Vasicek

Review by Barry Boy

I was given a copy of The Eyes of Death by Donald L. Vasicek in return for an honest review.

The Eyes of Death is a difficult story to classify because it concerns psychic powers, which, probably, most people in the world believe to be real, although most people in the West think of as imaginary. Therefore, it could be classed as either Non-Fiction>Body Mind and spirit or Fiction>Fantasy. However, The Eyes of Death is a novella written in the third-person singular, the main character of which is Hannah Powers, who lives in the ‘preppy-type’ city of Evanstown north of Chicago.

The general atmosphere of the novel is tense, as if something is always just about to happen. And it does too, the an early example of which is an armed robbery on a small shop and the tragic consequences of it. Hannah also becomes aware of her psychic powers, but is to some extent confused and disappointed by them, because she cannot help the people who are the subject of her Second Sight.

In fact, she begins to think that she must be mentally ill, or at least, mentally damaged, but there is no medical evidence for this. Hannah seems to find her new life with psychic powers both frightening, lonely and very sad, because she can do nothing to help the people, whose future she has foreseen.

Psychic Abilities

The Eyes of Death is an interesting novel to me, because I believe in psychic ability and have some personal experience since most of my relatives are Spiritualists – mainly psychics and Healers. I grew up with these beliefs from being a small child, and I have never found anything, anyone or any argument to persuade me that humans are not psychic. I also understand the loneliness that is concomitant with those beliefs. It would be much worse for someone who had their psychic abilities ‘switched on’ suddenly one day.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Eyes of Death. and recommend it to anyone who likes ‘psychic dramas’. The sometimes ‘experimental’ style of writing and the cover both compliment the subject matter.

I give The Eyes of Death by Donald L. Vasicek five out of five stars.

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