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Dreams: Real and Illusory

Dreams: Real and Illusory
Dreams: Real and Illusory

Dreams: Real and Illusory

I’ll leave it to you to decide which dreams fall into which category. I, personally, take a lot of notice of my night-time dreams, but I know that many people don’t ask on the other hand, there is an old saying something like: ‘Man dreams, and the gods laugh’.

At the moment, my wife’s dream is to live and work in the UK (it has been for fifteen years), and my dream is to help her fulfil it. However, that is proving very difficult. We had a shot at it last year, but the embassy allowed us to continue our quest without the correct paperwork, which cost us a nervous breakdown, six months’ idling in Thailand and £6,000+

Another promise by the embassy went unfulfilled on Friday, so I will be here illegally from Tuesday, and my wife is now worrying about that as well as everything else.

As for nocturnal dreams, I have been having lots of strange ones. Last night, I dreamed that my wife was showing me how to do a job that she had used to do fifteen years before. It was a job interview for both of us.

She put a tray of boxes into one machine, and arms filled them with packaging. Then she put them in another machine and gadgets were placed in the boxes. Three machines later and the goods were ready, so she rang for the supervisor.

She came and put a Sunday roast chicken dinner in front of us.

“What do you call that?” she asked.

The chicken looked great, but the vegetables were all over-cooked.

“The worst dinner I have ever seen prepared at this factory!” replied my wife in a perfect Birmingham accent (she has never been there).

“Well, how can I employ you based on that?” she asked.

“Do you mind if I eat it?” I asked, “I’m really hungry…”

Then I woke myself up.

I have no idea how boxing gadgets turned into cooking oven-ready dinners, or why my wife spoke with a Brummy accent (I’m Welsh). I love dreams and I believe that the ones you remember have something to teach you, since most dreams are the product of the brain storing data. None of the contents of this dream are relevant to me, as far as I know at this time, but we will see what happens in the future. Perhaps, we will end up living and working in Birmingham, and Neem will acquire a Brummy accent 🙂

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Podcast: Dreams: Real and Illusory

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