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Destiny -in The Eternal Plan Revealed

Destiny by Colin Jones

Destiny -in The Eternal Plan Revealed
The Eternal Plan – Revealed



from ‘The Eternal Plan – Revealed’

Every man is working towards his ultimate destiny. ‘Destiny’ is a term used loosely in this day and age to describe events and happenings that mark highlights in man’s development.
Actually, when man descends to inhabit his Earthly cloak, namely the body, his environment is preordained and beyond his personal control. The time, place and parents chosen for his Earthly development are those to which his spiritual development are most closely suited.
The generalities of his existence and the mundane everyday happenings are coincidental and do not form part of the greater plan.
Man controls his ultimate destiny being given the option to deliberately frustrate the plan ie by taking evil ways that can lead him into things that are not visualized in the greater world where evil does not exist. It is considered that his Overself and the spark of God within him is sufficient to correct any temporary deviation. Many times the spirit is weak and temptation overcomes, bringing with it self destruction and a retrograde pattern of life in the material that can do nothing for the spiritual development.
It is a fact that the peaks and depths of joy, love, grief and despair can be part of the plan, also that physical suffering, which purifies the soul, is sometimes necessary for proper development.


This article is taken from the book below, which was written by Colin Jones a Spiritualist Healer, writer, philosopher and public speaker, who used to refer to himself as ‘The Happy Medium’.

I knew him well, he was a happy man and he was my father. If you buy The Eternal Plan – Revealed in ebook form, you will be entitled to the free updates I make to it from his papers every year on his birthday, 21st February.

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