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Bargain Properties Spain

Bargain Properties Spain is run by Jorge Salviche Luque, or as he introduced himself to me, George. This estate agency is one of the best in Fuengirola and indeed, the province of Malaga and the first choice for me, for reasons which I will come to soon.

Bargain Properties Spain is situated in southern Fuengirola near the Policia Local and the Town Hall, but on the other side of the road in Calle Marbella, next to the Reyesol Hotel, where we were staying when we were lucky enough to meet George.

We were looking to stay in Fuengirola for at least four months, so living in a hotel was out of the question. We were desperate to find accommodation. The problem was that there is an excess of demand in this area. Five agencies had let us down, when we went into Bargain Properties Spain hoping for assistance.

George listened to our story (and woes) and it became obvious that he was prepared to help. However, the only property that he had on his books was too expensive for us, so he made a few phone calls, pulled a few strings and placed us, selflessly, with a rival estate agency.

That company, AMC, put us in a prime location to start the following day. Not only that, but, as that was only a stop-gap for a month, then found us a beautiful apartment near the beach.

Thanks to AMC, but my hat is off to George, without whom none of that would have been possible.

It is rare to find a person who is willing to go out of his way to help a total stranger, but such a man is George. My wife and I owe him a lot… more than I am willing to divulge here. Suffice it to say, that I have put this article about George and his business on my commercial blog, without telling him and without payment.

If you are looking for accommodation in Fuengirola or the surrounding area, you could do a lot worse than contact George on the number below. I know that from bitter experience because I have trusted other reputable estate agencies, who have let me down and didn’t care whether we would have had to sleep on the beach in winter or not.

Ask me, and I will give you names!

Anyway, not only was George helpful in that way, but he has since offered to help my Thai wife obtain the residency status that she is entitled to, and translate any documents that we have trouble with.

And all from a stranger who has never earned a penny from us.

What better recommendation is there?

If you contact George, please tell him that you heard of him through me, Owen – it will make our day.

Bargain Properties Spain: George +34 672 988 980 or


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