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Our New Apartment

Our New Apartment

Our New Apartment
Our New Apartment

Our New Apartment

Our new apartment in the centre of Fuengirola is very nice, or rather it suits us as it is fully equipped, clean and central. That doesn’t mean that we haven’t had problems though. For example, the language on the cooker, fridge and freezer is Spanish, which neither of us speaks. However, I have been able to track down translations of the instruction manuals.

I suppose that our home in Thailand must have been quite basic, because I didn’t notice how cleverer, or smarter, machines had become. Not only that, but there are things, items in our flat that I don’t even recognize. I don’t know what they are or what they do.

Sunday Stroll

Last Sunday, our first full day in our new apartment, we went for a walk in the locality and ended up eating in an outside bar. I thought I knew where we were, but we walked miles from there to our flat. Today we are in the same bar and I realise that it is about a hundred metres from our place.

“I know”, my wife said, “I thought you were taking me somewhere”.

Outside this bar is a set of steps leading underground. I assumed that it must lead to the nearest train station, which is also subterranean, so I asked the barman.


He laughed so much that I thought he might fall over. “No, amigo”, he told me with a hand on my shoulder to steady himself, “Es underground parking!”

Oh, well! That embarrassed my wife, but as far as I am concerned people remember those who made them laugh and those who made them angry, and I like to be remembered for good reasons.

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