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Locked Out in Fuengirola

Starting Again

Starting Again in Fuengirola
Starting again in Fuengirola

Starting Again in Fuengirola.

This is the second time in twelve years that I have gone to a foreign country to start again. On the last occasion it was Thailand, now it is Spain. In Thailand, my future wife was a rock when it came to sorting out the details of life and especially settling in. Starting again was exciting and stressful for both of us, but mostly enjoyable.

Although the situation was new for both of us, Neem had a foothold of friends and family to advise and help us.

Not so in Spain though. Neither of us knew anyone on our arrival, not that that worried me. Neem was more sceptical, but she trusted me to do what was necessary. In fact, she was secretly looking forward to starting again

Jomarijo Hostel

I chose our first home from a selection on the Internet, so from the airport, we took a taxi to the Jomarijo Hostel in Fuengirola. We were very lucky, because not only is it a lovely and well-situated place, but the staff are most friendly and helpful too. It is easily found on the Internet.

However, our good fortune did not end there. A few doors down the road is a bar called Coast 2 Coast. The landlord and many of the regular customers have been immensely generous with their time, advice and support.

They shared their friends and contacts with us to smooth our journey to settling in and supported and encouraged us when we started to become despondent at the pace of progress.

Starting Again

And progress did appear to be non-existent at times, especially in the beginning. Now events are starting to take place. On Saturday, we are moving into an apartment found for us by one of those mentioned above and the landlord’s solicitor has made an appointment for me to see the police in two weeks about staying here on a more permanent basis.

If you are ever in the area, call in and meet the guys and gals in the Coast 2 Coast, you couldn’t wish to find a better bunch of people to have a drink and a chat with.

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