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Advertising My Books on Facebook

Advertising My Books on Facebook

Advertising My Books on Facebook
Advertising My Books on Facebook


Advertising My Books on Facebook

My experiment in advertising my books on Facebook has been disappointing. I normally promote all my books by any means at my disposal, but for this month, I decided to try selling the Behind The Smile series only by means of Facebook ads.

One of the main criteria of advertising my books on Facebook was to be that the ad would only be shown to people who had just come from a web page that had the word ‘Pattaya’ in it, because that is the key word in all the titles in the five-book series.

With three days to go, sales are about 48% down for the month with respect to BTS.

Since I normally only use free methods to promote those books, this is surprising. At least, it is to me.

This is not to say that March is not a difficult month anyway. In the five years that I have been keeping data, March has only sold more books than February once. Considering that March has 10%+ more days, makes it even more unusual.

I will try my normal methods next month plus Facebook and I will advertise another series on Facebook too, to see if a different genre goes down better.

Still no answer from Kobo as to why they consider my book BTS2 involved in ‘illegal activity’ yet it has been four days since I first wrote to them. I tried again last night. I can’t understand it.

I have had eleven other books with them since the beginning of the month and they haven’t sold any of those, so maybe they’re not worth the effort.

They certainly haven’t been for me anyway, since I had to opt out of Kobo distribution at Smashwords and Xinxii to get them in the catalogue, and they were selling at Kobo on those sites.

It reminds me of the warning about trying to fix what ain’t broke, but I was chasing the percentage that those firms were making on me – it’s not always worth the effort, but you live and learn.

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