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Welcome to Megan’s Audiobooks the latest section of our blog!

At the beginning of 2018, something sparked me to investigate the route to creating audiobooks of my existing print and ebooks. I can’t remember what made me do it, but no-one could have been more surprised than I was when I tried to set up an account, only to be informed that I already had one dating back to 2014!

You could have knocked me down with a feather…

I have wasted four years on this project. Anyway, I have embraced the concept now and have twelve narrated books in production 🙂

As my books become available as audible books, you will find them listed below. They will also have their own blog pages with more details and audio samples.

These audiobooks will be available through all the Amazon franchises, and iTunes in English and other languages.

I have set up a closed user group (CUG) on Facebook for people I can trust to write me honest reviews in exchange for free audiobooks. You may apply for membership at the Facebook CUG, which I am calling:

Megan’s Free Audiobooks

In time, other authors may be allowed to offer their books through Megan’s Audiobooks, but that is in the future. If you like my books and and are willing to write a review of 100-200 words, I hope you will apply to join. It might also become an informal discussion group of sorts, but nothing heavy… just choices of cover or narrator… that kind of thing, but again, that is in the future.

I would appreciate your views on the above or on narrated books in general.

I consider this an exciting adventure into the world of audiobooks, which I know very little about (except the direction side, for I am now officially known as the Director of these audio productions). However, I know that I have a lot to learn about the distribution and promotion of audiobooks, which is probably different to that of print and ebooks, but learning has never frightened me.

Apply for membership to: Megan’s Free Audiobooks on Facebook

All the best,