Free Audiobooks

Free Audiobooks

Free Audiobooks For My Friends!

I am giving away some of my most popular audiobooks completely free of charge on a first come, first served basis.

All I ask is that you leave a short review in the language of the book when you’ve finished it.

Languages currently available are: English, German and Spanish.

I hope you enjoy them.

If in the UK, please go to:

If you are anywhere else, please go to:

and then enter the free code for the book you would like to listen to. If it has already gone, please try another. Please note, the books for the UK market are marked with ‘UK’, but that is NOT part of the code, so please don’t enter it into the box.

By the way, these are not abridged versions or pirated copies, they are as sold on Amazon, Audible and iTunes for up to $30 each.

New codes added 6/8/19

In English:

883ZE3KAXQ75R (Daddy’s Hobby: Behind The Smile – The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya (Volume 1)) UK

BAYZSZU2LHYUS (Daddy’s Hobby: Behind The Smile – The Story of Lek, a Bar Girl in Pattaya (Volume 1)) US

4YUFLUNYJ66ZH (Tiger Lily of Bangkok) UK

34PDYP6ZAKWP4 (Tiger Lily of Bangkok) US

7SU6GYQTZULSP (The Disallowed) UK

5URDGH8U9JRTG (The Disallowed) US

FYHWX8UCD96Y4 (The Ghouls of Calle Goya) UK

4678HQBCNNDY3 (The Ghouls of Calle Goya) US

G6WMERYL2MHKG (The Misconception) UK

4AN8YYPA6KB2R (The Misconception) US

8YMRWA7WN3CYD (Authorship) UK

5MUT7ZJR79HH2 (Authorship) US

6NTMFREWNTUDN (A Night in Annwn) UK

4E6ZG26Y4KBLP (A Night in Annwn) US

8QB53P4ZKET45 (The Alien House) UK

8AMSY35QNJU27 (The Alien House) US

2Z8PS66D5PZ4U (Andropov’s Cuckoo) UK

85SF2DU7QPPF2(Andropov’s Cuckoo) US

7RSMYWACP28AB (Fate Twister) UK

4U6KEBZXNA7F6 (Fate Twister) US

3BHZKU84DAPPS (Daisy’s Chain) UK

9JCTWST5RLPDP (Daisy’s Chain) US

3J493P79YZGJU (Fate Twister) UK

34FAQJJY75D6S (Fate Twister) US

22YELYUUUYGKU (Daisy’s Chain) UK

2EN8RSSSX4JNU (Daisy’s Chain) US

5QRXUQ7PSF2AW (How to Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life) UK

7T2F5P5J4KM9R (How to Give Your Dog a Real Dog’s Life) US

EMTCZU7AY42H7 (The Eternal Plan – Revealed) UK

5TA6JTQ2Q7N5F (The Eternal Plan – Revealed) US

In French:

859N7RSU9HFWX (Tigresse Lily de Bangkok)

98XQ5Z37SRCG2 (Tigresse Lily de Bangkok)

In German:

6L76KJ5ALUC3U (Tiger Lily von Bangkok) UK

3E7AUAND39PAN (Tiger Lily von Bangkok)

4W66JQYQ3KPHZ (Tiger Lily von Bangkok)

76JX73FF6J5JF (Asiatische Kurzgeschichten) UK

2F44X9QJU5LW2 (Asiatische Kurzgeschichten)

2UEXXPTH93N78 (Asiatische Kurzgeschichten)

6XWY6NXQ96GTY (Die Falsche Auffassung)

85ES227WUCK9H  (Die Falsche Auffassung)

2NTCPQLFFZCWF (Wie man seinem Hund ein echtes Hundeleben ermöglicht) UK

3FEK9TC5T798H (Wie man seinem Hund ein echtes Hundeleben ermöglicht)

3JWR6R77Z84KZ  (Wie man seinem Hund ein echtes Hundeleben ermöglicht)

In Italian:

2PN8W44UYB3PL (L’Equivoco) UK

3Z23XHHUSJWH7 (L’Equivoco)

45SDCF5SR2K2K (L’Equivoco)

In Portuguese:

6E5DQDP4HF4W4 (O Plano Eterno – Revelado) UK

4REFLS5S6P77K (O Plano Eterno – Revelado)

7PUPTULMGDHPX (O Plano Eterno – Revelado)

86US2RNRYYU3K (Uma Falsa Ideia) UK

578HDFQFP9X7D (Uma Falsa Ideia)

5H2WGM6WUY7MJ (Uma Falsa Ideia)

In Spanish:

AHQ4AC9HJ7N9S (Una noche en Annwn) UK

88FNMCCBYT7JH (Una noche en Annwn)

F3C4KA2HT86MZ (El malentendido) UK

3GE5MNXWAC7YR (El malentendido)

5ME5UKFYCW27C (Cambiar el Destino) UK

42GNF3GL48PM3 (Cambiar el Destino)

2ETKKGPCE8D2X (Autoria) UK

3WDNM8NAEKPD7 (Autoria)

All the best,

Owen Jones

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