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The Eyes of Death

The Eyes of Death

The Eyes of Death is an interesting novella by Donald L. Vasicek concerning a girl, Hannah Powers, whose latent psychic powers were awakened after an ‘accident’.

One of Those Days

Dead Dog

Dead Dog A friend came to have a drink with me in my local watering hole this afternoon. As he was talking, a scruffy, sad-looking dog walked past (not the one in the photo). I was going to comment on him, but, as I said, my friend was talking, so the moment passed. I’ve seen …

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The Lek Series


Death Isn’t it strange how a lot of old people become sick, sometimes for a long time and then suddenly start to mend quite dramatically, only to die a week or two later? It’s as if all their energy is thrown into that last short period of life on Earth. Perhaps it’s so that they …

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Sad Times

Sad Times

Sad Times Despite all the modern methods of near-instantaneous communication, we only heard today that a good friend of ours died a week ago. So, these are sad times for his wife, family, both European and Thai, and his friends – he was Finnish, married to a woman from our village. In fact, he was …

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