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Something Must be Done and Crazy Medicine

Something Must be Done and Crazy Medicine
Something Must be Done and Crazy Medicine


‘Something Must be Done’ and ‘Crazy Medicine’

by Matt Carrell

Review by Owen Jones

‘Something Must be Done’ and ‘Crazy Medicine’ ( a short story in the book ‘Thai Lottery’)

I read ‘Crazy Medicine’ first, but a year or two ago. I think I found it on Carrell’s web site as a sampler. Then I was given it together with ‘Something Must be Done’.

Since I had enjoyed it so much the first time, I read it again. It is set in Thailand and gives an accurate impression of how most girls work with caring Mama Sans in the Land of Smiles.

All too often writers with personal agendas give the  impression that the Mama San is some sort of greedy pimp only in it for the money she can screw out of the girls and their clients.

However, this is not my experience. They are usually ex-working girls themselves, who either are in a stable relationship or are getting too long in the tooth. They often fulfil the roles of Agony Aunt and Mrs. Fix-it for the younger, inexperienced girls.

Carrell brings this relationship out perfectly in this story..
The second story is set in the UK and the USA. It considers the question of how external forces beyond one’s control can severely affect one’s life.

I liked this story relating to juvenile gun crime very much as well.

Both shorts tell tales that invite the reader to make moral judgements, but Carrell does not force his own opinions upon us. Rather we are shown aspects that he finds important and encouraged to think about them.

I wholeheartedly recommend that you read both of these short stories, but I don’t know where you’d find the first one.

Perhaps Mr. Carrell would provide the link in the comments box below.

[simpleazon-image align=”none” asin=”B00ACZS1GS” locale=”us” height=”160″ src=”” width=”113″]   [simpleazon-link asin=”B00ACZS1GS” locale=”us”]Thai Lottery… and Other Stories from Pattaya, Thailand[/simpleazon-link]

Reviews only, of  ‘Something Must be Done’ and ‘Crazy Medicine’, by +Owen Jones

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