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Leaving Shadows by Eric J. Gates

Leaving Shadows by Eric J. Gates
Leaving Shadows by Eric J. Gates


Leaving Shadows

By Eric J. Gates
Review by Owen Jones

In my opinion, Leaving Shadows, has the best storyline of the three of his books that I have read so far and that is saying something, as all of his readers will know, because Gates writes superb thrillers.

This one involves the British Secret Services and quite a few ex-special forces operatives, both of which hail from several countries. The story unfolds in several  countries too, including Gates’ beloved southeastern Spain.

The plot in Leaving Shadows twists and turns, catching the reader unawares, just when he thinks he knows what is going on, but always remains believable.

In fact, Gates makes the central theme of the story so plausible, that I am still not sure whether it is something that he latched onto in a previous profession. It would not surprise me to hear that one of the American secret services had spirited him away one day.

It’s one to watch out for, and remember that you read it here first.

Look out for the Hitchcockesque appearance of the author displaying his skills at the martial arts as well.

I only had two gripes about Leaving Shadows, one minor and one major.

The minor one first: I am not fond of car chases. I know that this is not a fair criticism, because there are many people that love them, however, I happen to think that the car chase spoiled ‘Bullitt”.

The major one, Mr. Gates, as a Welshman, I can assure you that Welsh is not Gaelic!  Gaelic is Celtic/Gaelic, Welsh is Celtic/Brittonic.

Despite these last two points, I have given it five stars because I can assure you that you that you will still love this book.

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Review of ‘Leaving Shadows’ by +Owen Jones copyright November 2014

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